GP Grand Rounds

GP Grand Rounds is a education program initiated by a group of Sydney specialists.

These specialists include:gpgr-logo

Dr Simon Benstock BSC(med), MBBS, FRACP
Dr Chris Eliades MBBS
Dr Leah Gellert BSc(med), MMBD (hons), FRACP MMed
Dr Arthur Grillas BMedSc, MBBS, FRACP
Associate Professor Dr Martin Weltman
Dr Arthur Kaffes BSc(med), MBBS, FRACP
Dr George Marinos MBBS (Hons), FRACP, MD
Professor Ron Pirola OAM, MD, FRACP

The meetings are a series of high quality breakfast and lunch sessions, offering GPs the opportunity to discuss cases with peers in interactive open forum.

Each meeting is supported via attendance by local specialists including a Radiologist, Pathologist, Gastroenterologist and guest specialist relevant to the are of topic.

Each session holds two parts:

1.A Pathology and Radiology discussion. Attendees are encouraged to contribute interesting X-ray and Pathology (blood or tissue) for a discussion and opinion from a radiologist, pathologist and others in the audience

2.A case presentation, somewhat like Grand Rounds in the hospital but much more interactive.

If you would like further information on GP Grand Rounds please visit out website